Thursday, January 24, 2013

7 "Foods" to avoid

I came across this fantastic article today! Well well written and easy to understand. I highly suggest checking it out. I really like the whole blog. There are doing an introductory series to eating real food, lots of their tips have been very helpful to me so far.

There is some scary stuff being put into our food! Since having Lucas it has made me way more aware of what I put into my body, and also his. Some things are very hard to MSG! I can't believe it has 40 different names! I tried very hard to find chicken boulllion without added MSG and ended up finding nothing, even in the organic section. So I have taken to making my own chicken easy, and way more delicious! One chicken carcass makes a ton of stock, and you can store it in the freezer. I love it. If you've never given it a try I highly suggest you do. You will be hooked once you realize how easy it is.

So here is my little victory from yesterday. I went to Community for lunch. (A natural food store that is only blocks away from my work) They have delicious stuff for lunch, that I can feel good about eating. Their pizza is amazing. So I made myself a big salad at the salad bar, and when I was done I was needing a little something sweet. I went to the snack section and mulled over the chocolate selection...super expensive. I decided on a little bar and went back to work. I typically would have scarfed the whole thing down at once, but I only ate two squares and then saved the rest. Seriously a victory for me! So it may have something to do with my change in eating habits, less cravings for junk. But it also might say a lot about eating quality need less of it to be satisfied. I can eat chocolate from the grocery store until I am blue in the face, but only a couple pieces of a chocolate without any icky ingredients left me satisfied. Amazing.

One thing that this journey has taught me is to celebrate your little victories! Have you had any lately?


  1. I ate wood pulp for breakfast and didn't even know it. Sick.

    1. that made me lol! what was it Jenny?? I also recently learned that sand is an added ingredient in a lot of processed foods...including those little rice cakes. Gross!!

  2. It was in my syrup. I should not have been eating it in the first place, so I guess I deserved it. Clean eating is hard :(

  3. Way to go!!!!! Just FYI, I've found chicken bouillon sans MSG, you get it from Epicure.